Het nieuwste .NET event van Noord-Nederland
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Carl in 't Veld
Carl in 't Veld
Full stack Microsoft Software Engineer
Blazor, a new framework for browserbased .NET apps.
Jonathan Mezach
Jonathan Mezach
IT architect @ Info Support
Cool things you can do with .NET Core tooling.


Walk in & pizza
Blazor, a new framework for browserbased .NET apps. Carl in 't Veld | Full stack Microsoft Software Engineer
Cool things you can do with .NET Core tooling. Jonathan Mezach | IT architect @ Info Support
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Carl in 't Veld - Blazor, a new framework for browser-based .NET apps

Until recently we were building web applications using a mix of technologies. For the back-end we apply ASP.NET Core web APIs using C# and for the front-end we apply single page applications with frameworks such as Angular and React using TypeScript. As a full stack developer this comes with a stress to keep up-to-date with all innovations. Starting now, with the release of .NET Core 3.0, Microsoft has introduced the .NET Single Page Application framework Blazor. It enables you to largely work with .NET and C# from within your favorite IDE Visual Studio.

In this session you will get a tour of Blazor and its architecture. Using interactive demos we will show you how to build a Blazor web app. We will discuss the various building blocks that the framework is offering such as the new component model, authentication, dependency injection, plugging in design system libraries and sharing .NET code between front-end and back-end. Ultimately this session will provide you compelling reasons to consider Blazor as a viable option for building modern single page applications or even migrating existing applications.

Jonatah Mezach - Cool things you can do with .NET Core tooling

With .NET Core a lot has changed in terms of tooling. From making it easier to get started, to working together in teams and documenting shared libraries all the way to diagnosing (performance) issues in your apps in production. In this demo heavy session I’ll show a sample of all these new tools and how to use them. After this session you’ll have learned something new about the tools you’re already using, or perhaps an entirely new tool that you can add to your tool-belt.

Over de sprekers

Carl in ’t Veld

Carl is a senior consultant at Capgemini with more than 15 years of IT experience. The past couple of years he fully focuses on the Microsoft productivity domain delivering solutions with Office 365 and Azure. As an MCSD App Builder, he plays a lead role in teams in which he provides full stack development services. He loves sharing his passion for technology.

Jonathan Mezach

Jonathan is an IT architect at Info Support in The Netherlands. He’s been a .NET developer for more than 10 years and has experience in building web scale applications including backend and frontend (web and mobile) development. Jonathan has a passion for improving productivity and quality for teams. In addition to his day-to-day job, he’s also an active open source contributor and a member of the .NET Foundation. He writes blogs on anything related to .NET and speaks at local meetups and conferences.


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